Just as always, I’d like to scan through today’s meeting of Kaunas City Council.

Like the social democrat fraction leader Darius Razmislevičius said: “today every issue is important”. It was a fluent meeting. The meeting went just as the mayor said in the end – we had to vote only on two questions. Nobody wants to stop the progress of Kaunas. The social democrat fraction is a part of it.

Awards were given to our young dancers, footballer. The meeting schedule for the second part of the year was set.

Some 2017-year budget slides were shown. Interesting was the fact that there was an agreement on the tourism project on combining the cities of Kaunas and Elko – 28 objects: 16 in Kaunas and 12 in Elke. I also enjoyed the news of approved infrastructure for electric automobiles.

Your loyal messenger

Aurimas Rabačius

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