Born in Kaunas in the family of the chief engineer of “Palemono gelzbetonis”.

Graduated “Papartis” primary school in Kalnieciai district where he is the elder schoolboy in his class. Then he started “Santaros” secondary school in Šilainiai district. During free time he was dancing in a dance theatre, playing the guitar. Studying he won the local english and mathematics olympiads.
Following his brothers footsteps (from ninth grade) after science leader competitions started studying in the prestigious Kaunas University of Technology gymnasium.

Graduated KTU gymnasium after being the Gymnasium President (did you know that the word President in the Constitution of Lithuania is always written in the capital letter?), the national business english presentation competition held in ISM university moderator, the 100 day before graduation festival host ,the gymnasium beneficial February 16 award winner.

Graduated in bachelor of civil engineering in Kaunas university of technology. During his free time Aurimas was a member of the student union of KTU where he was the “green coordinator” of his faculty, member of the project comitee.

Started master of law studies in Vytautas Magnus university, finished the competent communicator course in Toastmasters English Kaunas and becomes an active member of the Lithuanian socialdemocrat party department of Kaunas.