I want to write about the meeting of today’s Kaunas City Council. The main issue – car parking terms in the street of Karalius Mindaugas.

The question was a harsh one because by calculations of specialists – over 90 percent of the parking spaces are being occupied during work hours. The announcer defended the council’s decision – why both sides not one are being taxed. The street has only one underground crossway – next to Birštono street and a few others regulated by traffic lights. Obviously we would have inevitable accidents with pedestrians crossing the street. There were lots of great remarks about the city’s parking goal vision. It’s natural that the streets of Žaliakalnis and even Vilijampolė districts are becoming filled – maybe we should establish free parking spaces at the outskirts of the city?

There are thousands of people working in the city center. Recently “Swedbank” and “seb” banks, moved to the street we are discussing. Soon “Magnum” will join. They all are establishing their own parking spaces – problem solved but I’m thinking about all the others that are living, working or studying in the center. There is a big significantly not used space in the airfield of Aleksotas. I’ve heard talks from the administration of the municipality of using it for parking and organizing shuttles to the center. There is also about 30 hectares of space that today belongs to the municipality of the previous helicopter factory. Wouldn’t it be great if you cross the bridge of Ciurlionis and you’re inside the city center? The thing that constantly got on my nerve is that if you drive around at lunchtime in Karalius Mindaugas street – no parking space available. You can shoot yourself. Maybe there will soon be? Let us take the meanest variant: green zone 0,30ct x 8 hr. x 20 workdays – 48 euros. That’s a lot but much cheaper than Vilnius, Riga or Tallinn. The old town of Riga is 5-6 euros for an hour.

Cheese in a mousetrap is the only free thing in the contemporary world of today. If a store has a “free” parking lot you pay land taxes, curb and fence leasing expenses with an additional few cents added to the final price of what you buy. The same complies with parking in Kaunas.

Prices are coming up. Yes. But there’s the minimal product pouch which doesn’t rise so dramatically. It is satirical funny that if parking in Vilnius becomes 1,5 times more expensive or the shampoo you like becomes 1,5 times more expensive there are 10 people yelling that everything is becomes 1,5 times more expensive. No. Besides the buyer pays more VAT for the state budget. Why are pensions and budget worker salaries failing to rise adequately?

The fees for the cinema “Romuva” have also been adjusted. The head of the sports department Mindaugas Šivickas presented the issue that Kaunas basketball school’s name is now being changed to “Žalgiris”. No question about the fact.

Your loyal messenger

Aurimas Rabačius

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